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It's redead, not red dead.
I'm kinda old.
I'm a cosplayer.
British Columbia, Canada

This is my personal blog and it's really not quality at all. To be honest if I were you I'd just go back where I came from.

Hey. How are you doing?
You said you’ve found a way to deal with anxiety that works quite well… Would you be interested in sharing what you do?

— laits-go

Hey! =D I’m doing pretty well, like I said earlier today. In a pretty good place, haha.

It’s called uh, tapping. It’s AMAZING and works SO WELL. Like WHOA!!! Here’s a link for a video that explain it. It’s best to do a lot of practice. The more you practice, the easier it is, haha. It is a very visible, so I generally excuse myself to the bathroom to do it, but it just. Wow. Really, really useful.

I hope it helps you or anyone else out even a little bit. ^^

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